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Driveway Paving

Driveway paving also has its own benefits to share, especially if you are considering this among other potential investments you can make to your home or property. Its durability ensures that the cost of maintenance will not break your savings; it’s also easy to replace once a specific part or area is damaged, and its installation will not make you wait for a long time as it will only take a couple of days to finish. The process starts by removing the old surface using heavy machinery. After removing the debris, the next step is ensuring that there is proper water drainage, and then preparing a solid base to ensure that there is enough support for the newly installed pavement. After the proof roll and undercutting to give the base a premier quality, it’s time for the installation of the asphalt with thickness that depends on whether the installation is done for a residential or commercial property. If you want to have a more aesthetic driveway paving, unique paving patterns are available that will improve the appearance of your driveway without leaving behind the value of your property.

Paving Contractor

The main purpose of hiring a paving contractor is to have a team that will help you in constructing paved surfaces like concrete floors, driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks. These contractors are also experts in completing bigger projects such as roads and airport runways. Both businesses and homeowners hire these professionals to help in installing new asphalt as well as repairing cracks and maintaining the best condition of their property. Any paving contractor team near you can have a specialized area of expertise; either commercial or residential, but in most cases, they can work in both areas and have the right equipment required for any type of project. There are certain qualities you must look into once you decide to hire a paving contractor. The cost of their service is the top factor to consider if you have a tight budget to make sure that their cost is complimentary to the quality of their equipment and materials. The reviews shared by their past customers also matter as it speaks about their customer service and their years of experience will help you determine if they are experts in getting every paving job done the right way.

Residential Asphalt Paving

In many ways, asphalt paving has many advantages for homeowners. Residential asphalt paving is a process where a new asphalt is installed either in driveways, parking lots, and many other spaces where a smooth and durable surface is needed. Asphalt is preferred by many homeowners as the material to pave their property due to the many advantages it gives them. Its durability and affordability in the cost of installation are some of the qualities of asphalt that also attract many homeowners. This long-lasting material can last up to three decades and its maintenance is also cheaper compared to other materials. The installation can be done within two days, although this part of their service depends on the size of your property where the asphalt needs to be installed. An asphalt installed in residential properties also has a shorter repair period compared to other material types in case it gets damaged or visible and unpleasing cracks start to appear. With little to no maintenance for a few years, asphalt paving is a wise investment to many homeowners without putting a hole in their pockets.

Commercial Paving Services

Commercial paving services carry a wider range of tasks to be done compared to residential paving services and because of this, they have higher service costs. Having a parking lot that looks pleasing to the eyes of your customers is important. A smooth and properly maintained parking lot is now easier to achieve once you’ve found the commercial paving service contractor that offers services that meet your needs. These service companies are ready to assist you from paving down to repairing and maintaining your paved driveway. Their services also include free inspections to see if there are damages in your parking lot that need to be repaired immediately. They also suggest a possible budget to complete the project and make sure that you get the best of the money you paid them. Investing in a well-paved parking lot is also a good way to increase the value of your property.

Parking lot paving

Paving a parking lot is also a good investment of time and money. A parking lot endures different weather conditions and traffic compared to other parts of your house or business property. Although a parking lot can be made of various types of materials, the two most popular would be the use of concrete and asphalt. These two stand out as the most common choices for many home and business owners as they have shorter installation times, are very resilient, and can serve clients for decades. Like many installation processes, there are factors that you should check out first before paving your driveway. First is the cost of the installation, which is dependent on the size of your parking lot, followed by the rate of the asphalt service company, which is why having a trusted service company near you is very important, and the type of material that will be used for your driveway. Lastly, the cost of long-term maintenance of your parking lot should also be considered.


Below are the questions we usually receive from our customers. You may find some of your concerns too but for a faster and more elaborate answer, you may call us today.

How long will an asphalt driveway last?

The life expectancy of an asphalt driveway may depend on the climate and the traffic conditions of one’s location. The type of soil underneath can also affect its lifespan. With the proper maintenance such as regular seal coating and crack filling, an asphalt driveway can possibly last for 25 up to 30 years though in some cases it might be shorter than that.

Can you repair asphalt?

Through the process of crack filling, repairing damaged asphalt is an easy task that you can do on your own. These products can be ‘injected’ or poured directly into asphalt cracks. Crack fillers or patch products can fix as much as half an inch of a crack. For bigger or wider cracks, you may need to purchase an asphalt cold patch sold in bigger tubes or containers.

How much does a paved driveway cost?

To calculate or estimate the cost of paving your driveway, the first step to take is to look into the size of your driveway and identify the type of material you prefer to use. The thickness and the design of your driveway as well as the asphalt service company that you will hire for the project all influence the cost of paving your driveway.

What are the benefits of asphalt

What makes an asphalt worth every penny is that it’s tested and proven versatile and durable regardless of the weather condition and can last for decades. Asphalt also makes the smoothest pavement and is easier to maintain and install compared to other alternative pavements. This product is also one of the most recycled in the country, which makes it very environmentally friendly.

Can you install asphalt in the winter?

The simple answer is yes. Although the conditions make the work more difficult compared to other seasons, installing asphalt during the cold days of winter is still possible. Few factors such as the thickness and warmth of the new asphalt as well as the ground temperature should be considered so you can successfully install asphalt on your driveway during winter.

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